Friday, June 26, 2009

Lest We Forget....

The 9/11 commission found that those who planned the attack on the World Trade center, did so because of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, and the US's support of that agression.

I believe there will be no peace in the Mid East until just solution is reached. That would, and must include a meaningful resolution to the right of return, as well as removal of Israeli's from all settlements in Palestinean areas. Any two state solution must be just that, two sepearte, but EQUAL, states. Not one state, and one reservation.

In the case of a failure to achieve an equitable two state solution, a one state solution will be the final result, with an end to unequal treatment, an end to Jewish supremacy supported in the law, an end to aphartide, and ultimately, an end to Zionist Israel.

The fundamental problem causing instability in the Mid East is Nakba. It is not essentially different from the removal of the Jews in Germany. The silence of the Arab states is not unlike the silence of the European states.

Now, there will be those who will say that I am not allowed to say that because it is anti semitic. These are the same people who critize Iran, but not Saudi Arabis, of not allowing freedom of speech. The fact is Israel, and her supporters like the US, are opposed to Iran using it's free speach, and walked out of the UN meeting because of Ahmadinejad's comments. charging Israel with racism and human rights abuses.

Where is the outrage?

Israel has shot, killed, and imprisoned hundreds, if not thousands of palestinian children, little children, but folks are up in arms over a contested election in Iran. Chasing red herrings. What a convenient distraction from the real and fundamental problem.

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