Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Israeli's Celebrate Massacre of Turks bringing Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Video at Ben Gurion University and other universities.
It is important to mention that in principle all political activity on this campus is forbidden, and that leftist activists demonstrating outside of the campus during the war on Gaza last year were arrested. This demonstration was held with collaboration of the University authorities and contrary to these same authorities

Once again, western MSM blackouts the real story. Here is a taste of the truth.

And while some western media dutifully reported Israeli government words of
being sorry for the deaths and their verbal attack on the ships' passengers
(calling them terrorists or terrorist sympathizers), no media reported on
Israeli fascists celebrating the massacre in front of the Turkish embassy in
Tel Aviv

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hellen Thomas Gets Real About Israel's Siege of Gaza

Raw video from AP shows helen Thomas in an act of courage.

We need more reporters like Helen, and the Shoe Thrower.

News reporters should report the news, and not allow themselves to be the vectors of propaganda from one side.

By the way, is Israel a real country? I mean, do they even have a constitution?

And from democracy Now we have...

"JAMES ABOUREZK: Now, that’s an offhanded remark. I mean, the guy caught her unawares. She probably hadn’t thought that much more about it. But I understand what she really meant: they’re taking the place of Palestinians who cannot return to Palestine, their home. That’s basically what she was trying to say. And I don’t think she ought to be hammered because of that. Look, she lost her job. She lost her position in the Press Club. She lost her position in the White House press corps. That’s punishment over-the-top for what she was really intending to say there."

"James Abourezk, former Democratic senator and congressman from South Dakota. The first Arab American in the Senate, he’s also the founder of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee."

Farewell Helen Thomas: