Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Has Iran-Contra Returned, and does the US Fund al Qaeda?

The fallout from the Iran elections cannot be understood in a vacumn. The US has a long and ugly history of agression against Iran, while supporting Saudi Arabia. Why?

Also, recently, and reported in other posts on this blog, the US has been funding black ops, including propaganda, media, psy ops, etc, for the explicit purpose of inciting ethnic and sectarian divisions and violence.

Did Obama's speech make a difference? So, is there an Obama effect? Or did covert ops influence the Palestinian, Lebanon and Iran elections?

Receently, the Obama administartion has stated their "soft power" approach. Is soft power, Velvet revolutions, black ops and psyc ops, behind the recent violence in the Mid East and Central Asia and So Asia? Are American people being brainwashed by the MSM enthralled with "The Israeli Narrative?" Is propaganda destroying the "free press?" Open minds want to know...

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