Friday, July 17, 2009

We've Lost Cronkite!

Walter Cronkite, one of the greatest investigative journalist of all time, died today. His presence and voice are oftn inseperable from the great events of the 50s through the 70s. After the US fled Vietnam, there were those who blamed the media, and especially Cronkite for causing the American people to stop supporting the war. This is often the excuse that has been used by the Pentagon to refuse to permit journalists to report in the theatre of war, today. However, the result is harmful to the US. because, as a democracy we need to know what is going on.

Freedom of the press has limitations, with PR campaings, propaganda, and biased reports replacing true acurate and unbiased reporting, Americans have never before been so ignorant about what is happening in the world.

We have lost a great reporter, and he will be missed. perhaps now we can reconsider the People's Right to Know, especially in light of new revelations that the CIA was operating a secret program. I wonder how Cronkite would report this, and the rank buildup for regime change in Iran.

Take care, Walter, and thanks for your honest opinions.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uighurs Are Caucasian?

Many Americans are surprised to find out that Uighurs in China are caucasian, not Asian. Most are Muslim, and China is the only country in the world that has preserved and protected their culture, traditions and language. A ethnic Turkish group, China provides for education in reading and writing Arabic script. In Turkey and other countries where Turkish groups live, they either speak and write a Russian or Latin language.

Uighurs migrated to China some 1000 years after Han Chinese. Claims by some human rights groups that Xinjiang is East Turkistan, the homeland belonging to Uighurs, and that Chinese are the invaders are unfounded. before arriving in Xinjiang, in the 8oos, Uighurs lived in Mongolia and Uzbeckistan.

There are Christian Churches, Buddhist Temples and Muslim Mosques in Xinjiang.

China has 56 "nationalities. Han make up 40% of the population of Xinjiang, with "minorities making up the other 6o% there are other ethnic groups that are Muslim, including Hui, Asian Muslims. There are many different native languages spoken in Xinjiang, not only Turkish. The common language is "Mandarin." this enables the widely diverse population to communicate with one another.

China has strong laws that give equal rights to women. No religious or traditional practice may deny women their equal rights in China.

China also has a right to work law.

There are 37 million Muslims in China, that is more than the total population of Iraq. Most Muslims are not Uighurs.

There are some seperatist groups that try to stir up support for their political cause, but not all Uighurs agree with the seperatists, and other minorities do not want to live under Uighur rule, they want to live in China. China has worked diligently to listen to the many voices, their hopes and dreams, and has brought improvements in education, medicine and economics to all nationalties in Urumchi. china, and the people living in Xinjiang are dedicated to continue to improve the lives of all nationalities.

US Held Iranians Hostage

"Three members of Iran's elite Quds Force who were seized in Iraq by the United States were held for more than two years even though they had not been involved in anti-U.S. activities and were functioning as diplomats at the time, a former and a currently serving senior U.S. official said Tuesday."

The Washington Times ran an exclusive news report today, stating US officials claim that the Iranians just released were held hostage by US. Iran claims they were diplomant, while the US claims they were terrorists. The US also states they have no evidence of any wrongdoing by the Iranians, who worked issuing visas at Iran's consulate in Northern Iraq.

"Both Iran and Iraq protested the arrests and prolonged detentions, which attracted worldwide attention. The Quds or Jerusalem Force is an elite unit in Iran's military and intelligence establishment. Many of its officials and veterans serve in top Iranian government positions.

U.S. officials have repeatedly suggested since the arrests that the three Iranians had been directly involved in support of anti-U.S. violence in Iraq but provided no specific evidence. The three were never charged with any wrongdoing.

Lt. Col. Mark Ballesteros, a spokesman for U.S.-led Multinational Forces in Iraq, which was responsible for the arrests and detentions of the three, declined to comment Tuesday on the reason the men were held for so long. "

There is much speculation as to why the diplomats were released.

"We had feared such a deal was in the works. On April 22, we noted in these pages that "the Iranian government is maneuvering to trade Ms. Saberi's freedom for that of five Revolutionary Guards captured by U.S. forces while training insurgents in Iraq."

The same day that Iran's chief judge, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, ordered a "quick and fair" appeal for Ms. Saberi, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz and called for the immediate release of the "Irbil Five." This was a clear diplomatic signal of a potential deal."

"There is a whiff of "arms for hostages" in the air. It would be a mistake to reprise that failed attempt by the Reagan administration to curry favor with Iran in the mid-1980s by sending weapons in hopes Tehran would release U.S. hostages held by Iranian proxies in Lebanon.

The opening did not improve U.S.-Iranian relations, and President Reagan later admitted it was a mistake. In 1987, E.J. Dionne, writing in the New York Times, quoted then-Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. as saying that Mr. Reagan had been "blinded by the illusion" that there was "an easy solution" to the hostage crisis and had been misled "by people who had no competence in the area of foreign policy." Ironically, Iran expert Michael Ledeen reports that the deal for the release of the Irbil Five was coordinated through Vice President Biden's office."

The US State department denies any "deals" and claims the hostages diplomate, or detainees, held for 2 1/2 years without any charges were released in accord with the US - Iraqi accord signed on Jan 1st of this year. Why it took 7 months for their release, and why they are being released at this time remains unclear, as the Obama administration is not being transparent on this affair.

"The State Department said the handover was not linked to the Obama administration’s effort to engage the regime in Tehran, but that it was an obligation contained in a U.S.-Iraq security agreement that came into effect on January 1."

"Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said earlier that the transfer could help improve dialogue between the U.S. and Iran after a long adversarial relationship.

Iran and Iraq have enjoyed better relations after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 toppled the government of Saddam Hussein, who launched an eight-year war against Iran in the early 1980s.

Many current Iraqi leaders were in exile in Iran and still have close ties with the Islamic Republic.

The release of the five has been portrayed in Iran as a victory at a time when the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is under domestic and international criticism after the disputed June 12 presidential election and the ensuing government crackdown on protests"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Israel Imprisons Nobel Laureate Maguire and Former Congresswoman McKinney

The humanitarian aid ship with medical supplies was stoped in international waters and Israeli Navy bordered, and at gunpoint took humanitarian 21 activists in handcuffs to Israel against their will. Although 2 Israeli activists have been released, the others, who are not Israelis, are being held until they sign a "confession," which they are refusing to sign under duress.

Prior to leaving Cyprus, the ship was inspected by Cypriot authorities in response to Israeli demands to determine whether it carried any weapons, according to the U.N. investigator. "None were found and Israeli authorities were so informed."

The US Embassy states that they will not be returned to the US until they either sign a confession, or after 3 days the Israeli athoritise decide to return them.

Not all imprisoned are American, Israeli, or European citizens, and their is fear for those who are Muslims, and who are being held elsewhere.

"In a statement, Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin called for the immediate release of Maguire and another Irish citizen also being detained.

Two of the passengers, an American film maker and a Danish activist, were released on Wednesday and sent home., the web site of the Free Gaza Movement, reported their release, which the Israel government has not confirmed."

So, do I understand that the American filmaker was released because he signed the confession, or because he is Jewish, and an Israeli? Or do not understand what is being said?

"Cyprus-Gaza, July 2, (Pal Telegraph) - Lubna Masarwa and Huwaida Arraf, both organisers of the Free Gaza Movement, have now been released from Ashdod Detention Facility.

Military authorities had held them from 9.00 p.m. on 30th June until 1.00 p.m. on 1st July, 2009, having arrested and detained them while in Gazan territorial waters (approx. 20 nautical miles from Gaza Port) at 3.00 p.m. on 30th Jun

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mairead Maguire have given telephone interviews from their prison cells, where they await deportation. To arrange such interviews, contact Free Gaza Movement (either Greta Berlin or Caoimhe Butterly, at +357 99 081 767), who will also supply current news or information as to the whereabouts of those Free Gaza 21 who are awaiting deportation, or the current status of legal negotiations as to those deportations."

How will the Mulsims be treated?

Whan will the Obama administration condemn this action by Israel, and demand their release? Obama's silence is reverberating all around the world. He has neither called the coup in HGonduras a coup, nor has he called for the release of those imprisoned by Israel. He has, however, demanded the release of the girls imprisoned in No Korea and Iran.

Does Obama believe the same behavior is wrong when some countries do it, but ok when Israel does it? Is this not a double standard, not the rule of law?

Is this the change we voted for? Or is this more of the same?

Is this the Obama blockade of Gaza?


* * * * * * U P D A T E * * * * *

Two days after the boarding of the Humanitarian Aid ship bound for Gaza, and the siezing of the 21 Free Gaza activiata at gunpoint, and the cargo meant for Gazans, who have lived under siege by Israel for more than two years now, the New Your Times finally reports the stroy, this evening, Thursday, July 2, 2009, at 8pm. One must shake one's haed and ask, why has the MSM ignored this story? Other than FOX news, this story has not been reported, and the Obama administration continues it's silence, as reported by the NYTs, by their complete lack of info on what Obama has to say about this. Do folks believe that the purpose of the free press has been compromised, and the MSM has failed in it's duty to the People's Right To Know? How can a democracy function when the media selectively reports the news, especially when the MSM is enthralled to the Israeli Narrative? Is the Jewish donominated press capable of unbiased and acurate news coverage of topice about Israels treatment of the Palestinians?

"JERUSALEM — Nineteen foreign activists of the pro-Palestinian Free Gaza Movement were being held in Israel awaiting deportation on Thursday, two days after the Israeli Navy seized control of their boat off Gaza.

A former United States Representative, Cynthia McKinney, and an Irish peace activist and Nobel laureate, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, were among those being held. Two additional Israeli activists were released without being charged on Wednesday, according to the group

The Israeli military said the aid would be transferred to Gaza subject to security authorization.

Ramzi Kysia, an activist with the Free Gaza Movement, said the 19 people being detained were likely to be deported by Friday, once deportation procedures were complete. But he said some might refuse deportation unless all of those being detained were released together and all the equipment of journalists with the group was returned.

Speaking by telephone from Cyprus, Mr. Kysia said that five of the detainees were Bahraini citizens and that they were being held apart from the others in a cramped facility.

In a report issued earlier this week, the International Committee of the Red Cross criticized the Israeli-imposed embargo, saying that Gaza’s 1.5 million residents were “trapped in despair.”

The Israeli government has said it is reviewing the embargo policy, but it has not yet made any decisions.

The Israeli military said the aid would be transferred to Gaza subject to security authorization.

Ramzi Kysia, an activist with the Free Gaza Movement, said the 19 people being detained were likely to be deported by Friday, once deportation procedures were complete. But he said some might refuse deportation unless all of those being detained were released together and all the equipment of journalists with the group was returned."

It is my opinion that the New York Times needs to examine to whom they owe their loyality, the American public, or to the Israel Zionists. (Not all Jews are Zionists)

BTW: The NYTs story only appeared after I made two several phone calls to WBZ 1040 Radio News to complain of the news balckout on this issue.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As Investigation Into The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto Begins, The US War Of Mass Destruction Continues

Here is a video that provides some background to the mystery of who assassinated Benazir Bhutto at an election rally in Pakistan two years ago.

Here is the report of the assassination and evidence washed away.

Now the UN commission has begun a an investigation