Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does the US fear WMD in Iran, or is it the Planned Gas Piplines?

I have not seen any mention of the issue of Iran's planned gas pipelines. The video above describes a gas pipeling from Iran to Pakistan and India, and China has invested heavily in the development of the port infrastructure so gas could also be shiped. There are pipelines planned, and Ahmadinejad, far from being a "hardliner," is an engineer who has shown the ability to get projects that have been stalled for years, finished. One pipeline, from Azerbijian south thru Iran, and another from Turkmenistan to China, may indeed have freeked out Cheneys Haliburton. Are they in Iran? What is their relationship to Rafisjani, the uber rich Iranian millionair? Would a regeim change be enough, or woud there be a coup, with the Shaw's son in power? Isn't that what the US planned for Afghanistan?

Who was behind the attacks on the Chinese who are constructing the gasline port in Pakistan? Could iy be Jundullah, or al Quada trained Chinese Uighurs?

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