Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ambassador of Rain: The Populist President of Iran: Ahmadinejad

The provincial visits and the concept of social and economic justice through the perfection of the Islamic State. Ending sectarian divisions, and working togethre in the service of One God. Hard work, cooperation, and sharing the power as well as the wealth. Why would Iranians vote for Ahmadinejad?

Right after Ahmadinejad took office in 2005, he started his regular provincial trips as he had promised earlier in his presidential campaign.

The aim of these trips was visiting the masses to diagnose and get to know their shortages and deprivations directly. People who have been deprived from their most basic needs thanks to the negligence of former administrations.

He started his trips from the poorest provinces and blew a new air of hope in the hearts of the forgotten people.

These trips have been considered an administrative revolution towards discovering the shortages of the poor and decision-making for rectifying them.


Peace love and respect with all cultures and beliefs - that is the reason we are an Islamic Republic. to share our culture without invading any country, to show respect for others while being disrespected, to stand up for the oppressed and to make this world into a beautiful place for all that is good to co-exist

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