Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banned From Commenting On Huffington Post

Banned from Commenting On Huffington Post

I have again been censored on Huffington Post, this time it's not just that the Huff Post moderation refused to post my comments, but I have been banned from commenting at all!

Mind you, I have violated no rules. In fact, by banning me, the Huffington Post has violated its own rules. It would seem that the Huffington Post is allowing itself to be a platform for Government, NED(CIA) black propaganda, disinforming the American people about what our Government is really doing, and which organizations are really no more than fronts for the CIA.

Is anyone concerned about the intense censorship that has been growing on Huff Post, one of the most popular sites for commenting on the "news?"

Apparently, the US Government is actively censoring comments, especially those that contain true facts and links to support valid concerns.

Several posts with NED (CIA) propaganda, will refuse to post critical comments, and even ban those who attempt to post "corrections," ie, the thue facts. I say true facts, as there are those who will claim that "the truth" is a matter of opinion.

Info has now surfaced to show that the Tunisia Revolution had help from Gene Sharpe's "manual for a revolution," and this was translated and passed on to Egypt. Folks in Egypt claimed they were influenced by the Serbian revolution, that was also thanks to Gene Sharpe. This is the same manual that was used in the bloody violent riots in Lhasa in March 2008, one had an introduction by the Da Lie Lama!

Since this info is now widely available in the media, one wonders why any would censor it? Or is it the fact that these "peaceful revolutions" are quite bloody? And in the case of Lhasa and Urumchi, violent?

While I do believe that all people who want to be free should be free, I do not believe that inciting ethnic, religious or racial tension is the way to establish a democracy. If it is not true, that our government is continuing to destablize China, covertly supporting "the Free Tibet Movement," and inciting the Uighur violence, including supporting training camps in Af-Pak that train Uighur terrorists,(sepratists), then it should be possible to state it is not true. there would be evidence that these programs were ended, not just diverted to another program with a different name.

I see no reason why the NED(CIA) or other arms of our Government would ban those who post the truth, unless of course, this is an active covert opperation, complete with domestic propaganda and black ops. (which Sen Kennedy's staff confirmed to me, when the responded to my inquiry, several years ago.

If Obama has since ended this covert ops against China, why doesn't he issue a statement saying so? Instead, he has made it very clear to China, that they are next on the agenda.

And who is going to feed the 1.5 billion then?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

US Ambassador Huntsman Caught by Netizens Dropping in on the Jasmin Revolution meetup!

The United States Ambassador to China, Republican Nomination for the 2012 presidential election, Jon Huntsman,Jr was caught in Beijing while instigating and kept close watching on the process of so-called ' Jasmin revolution in China'.

He's face turned gray when caught by Chinese people lol!

Here's the translation

现场的人: 请问美国大使,你跑这儿来干什么?
Chinese: Hi, Ambassador, what are u doing here?

Huntsman: Just join in the fun. :D

Chinese: So you want China in chaos, don't u?

Huntsman: (ah?) nah. (turned his face off)

Chinese: (To everyone) This man is U.S ambassador to China.

现场群众 乙:这美国大使啊?
Chinese B: American Ambassador?

现场群众 丙:这是美国大使!
Chinese C: American Ambassador!

现场群众 丁:这是美国驻华大使啊!
Chinese D: He is American Ambassador to China!

Huntsman: You guys don't know me,really?(To the rest of Chinese people)

现场群众 甲:你是装作不知道吧。
Chinese A: You're pretending that you don't know this, right?

现场群众 乙: 揣着明白装糊涂是吧?
Chinese B: You're feigning ignorance, aren't you?!

Huntsman: ...(leave with his body guards)

imagine this my friend, the 1989 issue was based on the ignorance of youngsters , they put themselves in the risks(bloody leaders escaped) by believeing the instigation from VOA and today ,since VOA(Mandarin Channel) is gonna be turnoff,at the same time, U.S Secretary of State,Hilary Clinton claimed U.S agency will concentrade much more on cyber world, so this shit happens again. A man can't step into the same river,so that's why we try to lead people away from danger. 

Yes, we chinese know ourselves better than anyone else. Yes, the CCP is not perfect but we are not going to copy a western style. Absolute democracy will send China to hell! Maybe a future hybrid system.

Chinese do not want Westerners to incite protest in China, and to make China into a big mess like Iraq, Egypt, or Tunisia.

America is anti-China!

The only country that needs Jasmine Revolution is the US. It needs it so badly, because the govn't does not act in the interest of its citizens who are poor. It wants to pass budget deficit cuts that will ruin the lives of the poor further more. The whole world feels sorry for the US citizens because they haven't had a president for decades. All that they have gotten in the White House are puppets.

You secretary of the state is in charge of the the internet propaganda war; your ambassador went to the front line to inspect the operations. If the Chinese government does not respond in a commensurate way, it's disrepectful to the U.S., it's faux pas.

Thanks for exposing the truth....They want to destabilize China, divide it and rule. They are not Americans but globalists....They are using America as a tool to further their agenda.

They don't care about Americans nor about Chinese or any other country....Its all fake revolutions to further their evil agenda...if you love your family, atleast do an hour of research before coming out of your home for a not believe what main stream media says...its all propaganda


I am a British Engineer with my own factory in China. I employ lots of Chinese. I live here with my family and speak Chinese.

I can tell you categorically that all suggestions that there will be any kind of revolution in China are completely ridiculous. The Chinese are extremely happy with the central Beijing Government. Sure they have complaints about rising house prices; food inflation; corrupt local officials etc.

Non-Chinese need to mind their own business and focus on home.

CNN and some media even put a photo with some Chinese holding Chinese signs. They reported that these are protesters with signs of slogans. These media reporters are the biggest liars. In fact, the photo is from another Chinese job fair with Chinese characters of jobs. Most Americans don't know Chinese language, that's why they can be easily misled and brainwashed
I am 100% sure that this Jasmine Revolution BULL SHIT was started on the internet by them western n Taiwanese spies!! I am Chinese and I take this attempt by the west as a direct threat to my country n my ppl! They forgot how the CHinese ppl came out in support of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!! They want to test and see if the Chinese ppl is still united! From their point of view is worth every attempt! A collapse of China would do much good for them!


有可能“茉莉花”革命就是他策划的。洋人嘴里虽说明祖,心里却不­怀好意。若心里不是怀有恶意,干吗急忙走开?Maybe the US diplomat was the one who came up with the "Jasmine" revolution to throw China into chaos. He looked "guilty" at being discovered and hastened a retreat.

China's official in charge of the state security apparatus has warned of the need to find new ways to defuse unrest.

Zhou Yongkang urged senior officials to improve "social management" and "detect conflicts and problems early on", the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

He was speaking at a weekend seminar which took place as an internet campaign tried to provoke a "jasmine revolution" in China.

On Sunday, police dispersed a meeting of people who had answered the call.

In Shanghai, three men were detained. Leading human rights activists and lawyers were taken into police custody in the hours before the protests were due to begin.

But the call for mass participation in the demonstrations went largely unheeded.

My dear friend in China told me that the buzz on the streets in china is "Mao was right about Deng." That was a year ago, during Spring Festival.

For 30 years the Communist Party has forged ideological unity around Deng Xiaoping's "two hands" formula of a market-based economy and uncompromising political control. When the contradictions inherent in this approach flared in 1989, Deng's solution was to defer any resolution and make the tensions worse. He massacred the students, rebuilt the party's security apparatus and then opened the market economy further.

The nepotism and corruption enjoyed by Deng's children may have been exceptional in 1989 but these days they are the norm for those born into the communist aristocracy. Whether you are in private equity, a sprawling state-owned enterprise or a village enterprise, the end game is the same: connect the right party official (or relative) with the market and turn public money into private gold.

Left and right agree that the Deng consensus is crumbling under the weight of inequality and corruption. But they cannot agree on whether to dismantle the ''open market'' or ''political control'' side of his legacy.

President Hu Jintao has squandered eight years in mortal combat with his predecessor. Powerful princelings have dealt themselves out of the debate by their kleptocratic hypocrisy. The country has reached gridlock. The party is entering a period of realignment and it is not clear what the new direction will be.

It is no coincidence that the only two obviously popular members of the Politburo are those who have come closest to challenging the Deng consensus. Much may depend on how the Mao-singing Chongqing party boss, Bo Xilai, and the democracy-talking Premier, Wen Jiabao, reach an accommodation.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrain's Behavior: Another Massacre in Obama's Face!

Bahrain's Behavior: Another Massacre in Obama's Face

Doctor at hospital pleads for international assistance for casulties of friday's Massacre in Bahrain. Millitary preventing ambulances from assisting victims.

"It's unbelievable, it's like we are in a war!" These people are innocent unarmed demonstraters.

"It's unbelievable, It's unbelievable! we urgently call for foreign help!"

MANAMA, Bahrain — Government forces opened fire on hundreds of mourners marching toward Pearl Square Friday, sending people running away in panic amid the boom of concussion grenades. But even as the people fled, at least one helicopter sprayed fire on them and a witness reported seeing mourners crumpling to the ground.

It was not immediately clear what type of ammunition the forces were firing, but some witnesses reported live fire from automatic weapons and the crowd was screaming “live fire, live fire.” At a nearby hospital, witnesses reported seeing people with very serious injuries and gaping wounds, at least some of them caused by rubber bullets that appeared to have been fired at close range.

Even as ambulances rushed to rescue people, forces fired on medics loading the wounded into their vehicles.

The king is distrustful enough of his Shiite subjects that many of his soldiers and police are foreigners hired by the government.

On Friday, in the village of Sitra, south of Manama, a crowd of thousands accompanied the coffins of Ali Mansour Ahmed Khudair, 53, and Mahmoud Makki Abutaki, 22, both killed by shotgun fire on Thursday.

The coffins were carried on the roofs of two cars as a man with a loudspeaker led the crowd in its chants from the bed of a pickup truck, alternating between calls to the faithful — “There is no God but God” — with political messages such as “We need constitutional reform for freedom.”
In the morning, there were three bodies already stretched out on metal tables in the morgue at Salmaniya Medical Complex: Mr. Khudair, dead, with 91 pellets pulled from his chest and side; Isa Abd Hassan, 55, dead, his head split in half; Mr. Abutaki, dead, with 200 pellets of birdshot pulled from his chest and arms.

Doctors said that at least two others had died and that several patients were in critical condition with serious wounds. Muhammad al-Maskati, of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, said he had received at least 20 calls from frantic parents searching for young children.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Massacre In Bahrain, Silence From Obama

@NickKristof King Hamad of #Bahrain will never regain credibility after attacking peaceful protesters as they slept. Blood is forever on his hands.
A trauma surgeon from Salmaniya hospital was in an intensive care ward after being attacked at the roundabout camp, then handcuffed and repeatedly kicked in the head.

US media may be less connected to this particular Arab uprising. But this brazen attack, in the presence of traditional media members, could raise the profile. Here’s ABC’s Miguel Marquez:

In an audio clip of the attack, which was posted on the ABC News Web site, Mr. Marquez can be heard pleading with his attackers — “No! No! No! Hey, I’m a journalist here!” — and then retreating from the square, where he said the police were aggressively trying to clear the crowds.

“I’m hit,” he says anxiously. “I just got beat rather badly by a gang of thugs. I’m now in a marketplace near our hotel where people are cowering in buildings.’
And NPR’s Peter Kenyon:

Steve, I’m at the Salmaniya hospital, where many of the wounded and dead were brought initially. I have to say, uh, I have just seen one of the more gruesome sites in 10 years of covering the Middle East. I was in the mortuary. I saw a man lying on a gurney. The top of his head was literally blown off.

The injuries have been widespread — clubbing and some shot and rubber-bullet injuries. Paramedics who were trying to get to the scene told me they were pulled from their ambulances and dragged to the ground and beaten.

This gets mixed up with the entire Sunni-Shiite power balance in the Middle East, the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. And it leads to silence when a king tries to massacre peaceful protesters while they sleep.

Or, if you want to be polite, you can call it a diplomatic puzzle.
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights was reporting throughout the night that:

@BahrainRights “children missing after police fired tear gas/rubber bullets upon sleeping women/children #Bahrain sq.”

@BahrainRights RT @maryamalkhawaja: Paramedics: “we removed injured while they were being beaten by riot police who said they had orders to do so” #bahrain

@BahrainRights 3 hours from the attack ambulances still arriving at Salmanya hospital with injured victims #Bahrain

@BahrainRights “@angryarabiya: An 8 year old girl was trampled during attack, in ICU now. #bahrain #feb14 #lulu”

@BahrainRights Dr.Mansoor Aljamri reports attacks on doctors and nurses at Emergency room #Bahrain #feb14 #lulu

Andy Carvin of NPR has been translating some of the Arabic tweets from Bahrain:

@acarvin Uh oh RT @gfry: _TRANSLATED_ # Bahrain # lulu Saudi forces stationed near King Fahd Causeway on the Saudi side in case of any emergency

@acarvin _TRANSLATED_ RT @ Dr_Murtadha: over 60 tanks moving around the country # Bahrain # feb14 # lulu
@acarvin TRANSLATED_ URGENT: Bahrain calls for all hospital doctors and nurses to immediately go to the emergency departments

Bahrain's Progressive Democratic Forum Appeals for Solidarityby Hussein Ureybi

Bahrain's Progressive Democratic Forum issues the following statement as the Bahrain's rulers deploy riot police and mercenaries to attack peaceful protesters camped in Pearl Square.

Dear comrades,

Security forces raided at dawn today on Pearl Square, which was the centre of protests in the Bahraini capital Manama, and used all means of force, including exploding bullets, to disperse the protestors and to seize the square.

This led to the deaths of at least 5 people and injuries to hundreds of others. They also surrounded the Sulamanieyh hospital where the wounded and the martyrs were supposed to be taken. The Bahraini people's protests were peaceful in every sense of the word.

We are calling for reform, social justice and negotiation with the executive power. The video footage shows a peaceful crowd chanting as they receive a barrage of rubber bullets and tear gas.

Everything was normal until 1 am, but then the treacherous security forces attacked the protesters, including women and children, beat foreign media correspondents and confiscated their cameras.

The security forces are still surrounding the entrances to a number of villages and searching homes.

What we've seen are dozens of tanks deployed in different areas of Bahrain and news reports on the use of Saudi military.

We invite you to call for a demonstration of solidarity in front of Bahrain's embassies or any of the headquarters of the Organization of the United Nations and send messages of protest to the embassies of Bahrain and international agencies in your countries, on Friday 18 February at 3 in the afternoon.

That the Bahraini people need in these times the courage to struggle this tyrannical regime.

Hussein Ureybi

Coordinator General for External Relations
Progressive Democratic Forum

Friday, February 11, 2011

What a COINCIDENCE! After 30 years in office, and after 17 days of protest, Mubarak abdicates on the 32nd Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution!

After 30 years of rule, and 17 days of a peaceful people's protest, Egypt's president Mubarak abdicates to Miitary's Supreme Council on the 32nd Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution.


Folks, you can't make this stuff up!

Do Muslims want democracy? Or do Muslims prefer to be ruled by a foreign supported Military Dictatorship?

At issue in both Egypt this year, and Iran in 2009, was the validity of the elections. In Egypt, the parlimentary elections, and in Iran the presidential elections. however, another issue is whether of not Muslims are wiling to embrace democracy or not. Another issue is biased press coverage, and of course, how journalists can protect themselves from psyc ops, and planted propaganda. Few media organizations have the time nor money to do investigative journalism.

Back in 2007, Negroponte claims that democracy is a threat to America's security. So, the idea that Muslims are not ready for democracy sells well in US security circles.

In Febuary, 2011, The suddenly appointed VP Sulieman of Egypt claims that egyptians are not "ready" for democracy!

But, as you can see. what really matters is hearts and minds, and a free and independent press, so people can know the true history of their predicament!

Now that the Supreme Council of the Miitary has taken power, will they keep faith with the people of Egypt, or be corrupted by foreign powers?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Mubarak Pushed Egyptians To Protest For Food For Their Children

How Mubarak Pushed Egyptians To Protest For Food For Their Children

After watching the peaceful protests that broke out two weeks ago, on Jan 25, 2011, in Egypt, one can realize that these protesters are unarmed, intent on peaceful protest and sincere. The young man, and the group of young people that "organized" a small protest were surprised how their small "fire" became a raging wild fire across Egypt's classes and religions. These protests are neither poitical nor religious in essence, but based on the need of people to have adequate food, water and housing, not to mention jobs. The corruption mentioned over and over again, as well as the use of the police to brutally surpress the people, including intimidation at election time is something that all the Egyptions so far interviewed seem determined to put an end to.

However, while Mubarak's pubic response has been to "give" peaceful protesters more promises of "change," he has sent plainclothes to harrass, intimidate, beat. detain, and even kill those who would challenge the status quo of his government.

Violence against the peaceful protesters was/is coordinated, and in many cases, checked ID's revealed the "pro-Mubarak protesters" to be paid thugs, and police or or military security forces, in the guise of pro Mubarak supporters, who threw rocks, some from the buildings above, down onto protesters, while others, some weilding canes, others with bullwhips, rode down protesters. All the while president Obama calling for a peaceful resolution.

Protests erupted in Suez and Alexandria as well as Cairo. Mubarak's paid thugs slaughtered unarmed protesters in their "busness as usual" security operation.

An attempt to silence journalists backfired, as many international news outlets had sent their top personalities to cover what the western press dubbed "unrest in Egypt." The fact is, the people's uprising cannot be stopped, as they have no jobs, homes or bread to return to. The young folks in Egypt today have had enough, and demand social justice. Nothing more, nothing less.

The corruption of the Mubarak regime is well known and well understood, which is why the people do not trust that Mubarak can effect the changes he promises.

As I post this, the confirmed death toll approches 300 hungry, patriotic, Egyptian people.