Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Does the US Oppose Democracy in Islamic States?

After Hamas won the elections in Palestine, the Bush administration armed fatah, for the purpose of creating "civil war" or sectarian "divisions," among the Palestinians. Why would the US do that?

Read The Gaza Bombshell in Vanity Fair:
(There are links to the documents on the left side of my blog.)

In a previous post, I reported that it had been reported in 2007, that Bush authorized $400 million for a black ops campaign against Iran. In the runup to the Iran election, American supported terror group, Jundull bombed a Mosque, band, and campaign headquartes, with the purpose of inciting ethnic and sectarian divisions in Iran, hoping to influence the outcome of the elections.

Although this is widely reported in Iran, the MSM, which is enthralled by the Israeli Narritive, fails to report news truthfully to the American people, substituting, instead, the propaganda from the black ops campaign. The result is Americans are grosly dis-informed, and have been robed of their right mind, as well as being robbed of their democratic rights.

What can we do about this?

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