Monday, June 24, 2013

Snowden's Ecapade Exposes The Decline Of US Hegemony

US Demands Land On Deaf Ears

The world remains enthrall today, as the Obama follies continue. Snowden, neither a spy nor a hero remains at large, while US elected representatives of We The People stamp their feet in frustration. These same senators and reps want us to enter the Syria conflict, while some 86% of We The People don't. In my opinion, rarely overtly expressed on my blog posts, the world is weary of the US's endless wars of choice, which have resulted in hundreds of millions of displaced people, not to mention the dead, and disabled.

True, the countries mentioned in the video have suffered repeatedly at the hands of the US, but the defiance exhibited by Russia, China, Hong Kong, to name the first three, is more than just tit for tat. The US has lost the respect of these entities.

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