Monday, June 17, 2013

8000 Saudi Terrorists, Armed With Weapons Made In America, Continue Killing Syrians.

President Obama promises to send weapons to the 'moderate rebels' fighting jihad against Syria,a secular Muslim state. The reality is, they already have US arms, and the Saudis are sending them missiles. Does Obama really thing this will 'help' the Syrian people? Or bring the end of war any sooner?

Syrian army forces have killed a large number of Saudi militants during
mop-up operations against armed groups in the strategic city of Aleppo.

On Sunday, a number of Saudi gunmen were killed during intense clashes with Syrian troops in the Kafr Hamra district of Aleppo, situated about 310 kilometers (193 miles) northwest of the capital, Damascus, the official SANA news agency reported. 
The development comes as the bodies of 70 Saudi nationals fighting against the Syrian government have been returned to Saudi Arabia. 

A Saudi source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the bodies were delivered to the country at King Fahad International Airport in the city of Dammam. 

The source said the Saudi regime had sent a number of diplomats to Turkey in order to facilitate the transfer process. 

He also said there are currently about 8,000 Saudi nationals in Syria fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

Additionally, Syrian troops clashed with militants affiliated to the terrorist group al-Nusra Front near Aleppo’s Kilikia Association, Maaret al-Artik and Einjara School. Dozens of gunmen were killed in the heavy exchange of fire. Two 23mm anti-aircraft guns and a number of heavy machineguns were destroyed. 

A terrorist hideout was also raided by the Syrian forces in the village of Daret Azza, and several gunmen were killed. 

Meanwhile, Syrian troops inflicted heavy losses on terrorists during offensives on the outskirts of Damascus. 

Syrian troops clashed with militants in the town of al-Ahmadia, killing and injuring a number of them. 

Government forces also stormed a terrorist hideout in the city of Douma, located about 10 kilometers (six miles) northeast of Damascus, and shot dead scores of militants.

Foreign-sponsored militants in Syria (file photo)

In clashes between the Syrian troops and militants in the city of al-Zabadani, a Takfiri militant commander, identified as Suleiman Tinawi, was killed. (Tinawi was a sargent in the Syrian military before he defected 8 months ago.)

A unit of the Syrian army also attacked gunmen in the town of Babila, where a large amount of arms and munitions was destroyed, and the leader of a local militant group, Amer Rashwan, was killed. 

Syrian troops also engaged al-Nusra militants in the town of al-Hajar al-Aswad. 

Syria has been gripped by a deadly unrest since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers, have been killed in the violence. 

On June 14, Louay Meqdad, a representative of the so-called Free Syrian Army, said the terrorist group will ask for tanks, warplanes and other heavy weapons during an upcoming meeting with US and Western officials in Turkey. 

“We are going to ask them directly and clearly that we need tanks and the air jets, all weapons that they can offer us,” the representative stated. 

President Assad said in May that militants from as many as 29 different countries were fighting against the government in different parts of the country.

The 'moderate rebels' work together with the 'extremist rebels.' When faced with Syrian troops, the foreign backed commanders pull back the 'Free Syrian Army,' and send al Nusra to the front lines. 

Folks, you can be sure that any arms Obama sends to the 'moderate rebels' will be TAKEN by the 'extremist rebels' so they can use them to fight against the Syrians.

Meanwhile, the Taliban open a political office in Qatar. 


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