Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Causes Of Unrest In Syria

Bashir al Assad became King of Syria after 2 decades of worsening drought, and at the beginning of the Iraq war which flooded Syria with refugees. Sadly, relief efforts were designed for temporary relief, in the expectation that eventually the drought would end. It did not, and the past ten years have been the worst, destroying the fertile farms of Syria's heartland.

Climate Change Ravages Syria:

This is a humanitarian crisis.

For the past decade Syria has been surrounded by war on four sides.

Syria's Grand Mufti rails against Sunni Wahhabism that incites strife between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

The Mufti of Syria, a Sunni Muslim, speaks about the Wahabi media machine that has faithfully continued the work of the Umayyad media machine that started 14 centuries ago in distorting historic facts to justify their false supremacy over humanity and other Islamic schools of thought.

In this short clip, the Mufti contrasts Imam Ali and Muawiya, without mentioning any names of course. Ironically, the sermon is given in the city that was once Muawiya's capital city.

Yet another confirmation that Wahabiism is a cancerous tumor that continues to cause strife between Sunnis and Shia and Muslims and Non-Muslims.


Christians forced into exile

Christians live in fear of FSA

It has been reported that the Obama Administration is making "deals" in the mid east to ensure they can keep air bases in Afghanistan.


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