Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Country In Distress

Today, after months of refusing to allow the US to be sucked into the Syrian conflic, Obama announced that 'we' would arm the 'good' Syrian rebels, as opposed to the nasty Syrian Rebels. He was provoked to take this action due to Bashir al Assad driving the ruthless al Q linked 'rebels,' called terrorists by President Assad, out of Qusair. Sadly, Obama has not armed the Syrian rebels due to fear the arms would get into the hands of these al Q rebels, so, there is agreement on that front between the two presidents. 

Flying an American flag upside down is a distress signal, and in my opinion the wrongful decision to get involved in another war of choice puts us, the US, in distress. 

Benghazi Cover up?

There has been no acceptable explanation for not rescuing Americans under siege in Benghazi, and nothing less than a special House committee investigation will satisfy the retired U.S. Army general who played a key role in organizing a letter signed by more than 700 special operations veterans in demanding the formation of the special committee.

Sharyl Attkisson interviews Lt. Colonel Andrew Wood about Benghazi on October 8, 2012

Looks like the State Department systematically REMOVED security around Ambassador Stevens despite repeated requests for more. Hillary Clinton was head of the State Department at the time. Was Hillary acting on orders from President Obama or was her orders to remove security around Ambassador Stevens a rogue life-costing mistake?

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, computers hacked!!!

Why did Obama announce he would arm Syrian rebels now? Would this announcement get the NSA PRISM story off the front pages?

HK Protesters march on US Consulate in support of Snowden, who exposed the NSA spying on Hong Kong and China. How very embarrassing for Obama, who just met with President Xi, while publically shaming China for spying on the US.

Meanwhile, Bradley manning is on trial for his life, and Jullian Assange is in virtual house arrest in Embassy in London. Daniel Ellsberg raises the key issue.
Taking Liberty

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Fast and Syrious

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