Friday, February 11, 2011

What a COINCIDENCE! After 30 years in office, and after 17 days of protest, Mubarak abdicates on the 32nd Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution!

After 30 years of rule, and 17 days of a peaceful people's protest, Egypt's president Mubarak abdicates to Miitary's Supreme Council on the 32nd Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution.


Folks, you can't make this stuff up!

Do Muslims want democracy? Or do Muslims prefer to be ruled by a foreign supported Military Dictatorship?

At issue in both Egypt this year, and Iran in 2009, was the validity of the elections. In Egypt, the parlimentary elections, and in Iran the presidential elections. however, another issue is whether of not Muslims are wiling to embrace democracy or not. Another issue is biased press coverage, and of course, how journalists can protect themselves from psyc ops, and planted propaganda. Few media organizations have the time nor money to do investigative journalism.

Back in 2007, Negroponte claims that democracy is a threat to America's security. So, the idea that Muslims are not ready for democracy sells well in US security circles.

In Febuary, 2011, The suddenly appointed VP Sulieman of Egypt claims that egyptians are not "ready" for democracy!

But, as you can see. what really matters is hearts and minds, and a free and independent press, so people can know the true history of their predicament!

Now that the Supreme Council of the Miitary has taken power, will they keep faith with the people of Egypt, or be corrupted by foreign powers?


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