Thursday, February 24, 2011

US Ambassador Huntsman Caught by Netizens Dropping in on the Jasmin Revolution meetup!

The United States Ambassador to China, Republican Nomination for the 2012 presidential election, Jon Huntsman,Jr was caught in Beijing while instigating and kept close watching on the process of so-called ' Jasmin revolution in China'.

He's face turned gray when caught by Chinese people lol!

Here's the translation

现场的人: 请问美国大使,你跑这儿来干什么?
Chinese: Hi, Ambassador, what are u doing here?

Huntsman: Just join in the fun. :D

Chinese: So you want China in chaos, don't u?

Huntsman: (ah?) nah. (turned his face off)

Chinese: (To everyone) This man is U.S ambassador to China.

现场群众 乙:这美国大使啊?
Chinese B: American Ambassador?

现场群众 丙:这是美国大使!
Chinese C: American Ambassador!

现场群众 丁:这是美国驻华大使啊!
Chinese D: He is American Ambassador to China!

Huntsman: You guys don't know me,really?(To the rest of Chinese people)

现场群众 甲:你是装作不知道吧。
Chinese A: You're pretending that you don't know this, right?

现场群众 乙: 揣着明白装糊涂是吧?
Chinese B: You're feigning ignorance, aren't you?!

Huntsman: ...(leave with his body guards)

imagine this my friend, the 1989 issue was based on the ignorance of youngsters , they put themselves in the risks(bloody leaders escaped) by believeing the instigation from VOA and today ,since VOA(Mandarin Channel) is gonna be turnoff,at the same time, U.S Secretary of State,Hilary Clinton claimed U.S agency will concentrade much more on cyber world, so this shit happens again. A man can't step into the same river,so that's why we try to lead people away from danger. 

Yes, we chinese know ourselves better than anyone else. Yes, the CCP is not perfect but we are not going to copy a western style. Absolute democracy will send China to hell! Maybe a future hybrid system.

Chinese do not want Westerners to incite protest in China, and to make China into a big mess like Iraq, Egypt, or Tunisia.

America is anti-China!

The only country that needs Jasmine Revolution is the US. It needs it so badly, because the govn't does not act in the interest of its citizens who are poor. It wants to pass budget deficit cuts that will ruin the lives of the poor further more. The whole world feels sorry for the US citizens because they haven't had a president for decades. All that they have gotten in the White House are puppets.

You secretary of the state is in charge of the the internet propaganda war; your ambassador went to the front line to inspect the operations. If the Chinese government does not respond in a commensurate way, it's disrepectful to the U.S., it's faux pas.

Thanks for exposing the truth....They want to destabilize China, divide it and rule. They are not Americans but globalists....They are using America as a tool to further their agenda.

They don't care about Americans nor about Chinese or any other country....Its all fake revolutions to further their evil agenda...if you love your family, atleast do an hour of research before coming out of your home for a not believe what main stream media says...its all propaganda


I am a British Engineer with my own factory in China. I employ lots of Chinese. I live here with my family and speak Chinese.

I can tell you categorically that all suggestions that there will be any kind of revolution in China are completely ridiculous. The Chinese are extremely happy with the central Beijing Government. Sure they have complaints about rising house prices; food inflation; corrupt local officials etc.

Non-Chinese need to mind their own business and focus on home.

CNN and some media even put a photo with some Chinese holding Chinese signs. They reported that these are protesters with signs of slogans. These media reporters are the biggest liars. In fact, the photo is from another Chinese job fair with Chinese characters of jobs. Most Americans don't know Chinese language, that's why they can be easily misled and brainwashed
I am 100% sure that this Jasmine Revolution BULL SHIT was started on the internet by them western n Taiwanese spies!! I am Chinese and I take this attempt by the west as a direct threat to my country n my ppl! They forgot how the CHinese ppl came out in support of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!! They want to test and see if the Chinese ppl is still united! From their point of view is worth every attempt! A collapse of China would do much good for them!


有可能“茉莉花”革命就是他策划的。洋人嘴里虽说明祖,心里却不­怀好意。若心里不是怀有恶意,干吗急忙走开?Maybe the US diplomat was the one who came up with the "Jasmine" revolution to throw China into chaos. He looked "guilty" at being discovered and hastened a retreat.

China's official in charge of the state security apparatus has warned of the need to find new ways to defuse unrest.

Zhou Yongkang urged senior officials to improve "social management" and "detect conflicts and problems early on", the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

He was speaking at a weekend seminar which took place as an internet campaign tried to provoke a "jasmine revolution" in China.

On Sunday, police dispersed a meeting of people who had answered the call.

In Shanghai, three men were detained. Leading human rights activists and lawyers were taken into police custody in the hours before the protests were due to begin.

But the call for mass participation in the demonstrations went largely unheeded.

My dear friend in China told me that the buzz on the streets in china is "Mao was right about Deng." That was a year ago, during Spring Festival.

For 30 years the Communist Party has forged ideological unity around Deng Xiaoping's "two hands" formula of a market-based economy and uncompromising political control. When the contradictions inherent in this approach flared in 1989, Deng's solution was to defer any resolution and make the tensions worse. He massacred the students, rebuilt the party's security apparatus and then opened the market economy further.

The nepotism and corruption enjoyed by Deng's children may have been exceptional in 1989 but these days they are the norm for those born into the communist aristocracy. Whether you are in private equity, a sprawling state-owned enterprise or a village enterprise, the end game is the same: connect the right party official (or relative) with the market and turn public money into private gold.

Left and right agree that the Deng consensus is crumbling under the weight of inequality and corruption. But they cannot agree on whether to dismantle the ''open market'' or ''political control'' side of his legacy.

President Hu Jintao has squandered eight years in mortal combat with his predecessor. Powerful princelings have dealt themselves out of the debate by their kleptocratic hypocrisy. The country has reached gridlock. The party is entering a period of realignment and it is not clear what the new direction will be.

It is no coincidence that the only two obviously popular members of the Politburo are those who have come closest to challenging the Deng consensus. Much may depend on how the Mao-singing Chongqing party boss, Bo Xilai, and the democracy-talking Premier, Wen Jiabao, reach an accommodation.

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