Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Mubarak Pushed Egyptians To Protest For Food For Their Children

How Mubarak Pushed Egyptians To Protest For Food For Their Children

After watching the peaceful protests that broke out two weeks ago, on Jan 25, 2011, in Egypt, one can realize that these protesters are unarmed, intent on peaceful protest and sincere. The young man, and the group of young people that "organized" a small protest were surprised how their small "fire" became a raging wild fire across Egypt's classes and religions. These protests are neither poitical nor religious in essence, but based on the need of people to have adequate food, water and housing, not to mention jobs. The corruption mentioned over and over again, as well as the use of the police to brutally surpress the people, including intimidation at election time is something that all the Egyptions so far interviewed seem determined to put an end to.

However, while Mubarak's pubic response has been to "give" peaceful protesters more promises of "change," he has sent plainclothes to harrass, intimidate, beat. detain, and even kill those who would challenge the status quo of his government.

Violence against the peaceful protesters was/is coordinated, and in many cases, checked ID's revealed the "pro-Mubarak protesters" to be paid thugs, and police or or military security forces, in the guise of pro Mubarak supporters, who threw rocks, some from the buildings above, down onto protesters, while others, some weilding canes, others with bullwhips, rode down protesters. All the while president Obama calling for a peaceful resolution.

Protests erupted in Suez and Alexandria as well as Cairo. Mubarak's paid thugs slaughtered unarmed protesters in their "busness as usual" security operation.

An attempt to silence journalists backfired, as many international news outlets had sent their top personalities to cover what the western press dubbed "unrest in Egypt." The fact is, the people's uprising cannot be stopped, as they have no jobs, homes or bread to return to. The young folks in Egypt today have had enough, and demand social justice. Nothing more, nothing less.

The corruption of the Mubarak regime is well known and well understood, which is why the people do not trust that Mubarak can effect the changes he promises.

As I post this, the confirmed death toll approches 300 hungry, patriotic, Egyptian people.



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