Saturday, February 26, 2011

Banned From Commenting On Huffington Post

Banned from Commenting On Huffington Post

I have again been censored on Huffington Post, this time it's not just that the Huff Post moderation refused to post my comments, but I have been banned from commenting at all!

Mind you, I have violated no rules. In fact, by banning me, the Huffington Post has violated its own rules. It would seem that the Huffington Post is allowing itself to be a platform for Government, NED(CIA) black propaganda, disinforming the American people about what our Government is really doing, and which organizations are really no more than fronts for the CIA.

Is anyone concerned about the intense censorship that has been growing on Huff Post, one of the most popular sites for commenting on the "news?"

Apparently, the US Government is actively censoring comments, especially those that contain true facts and links to support valid concerns.

Several posts with NED (CIA) propaganda, will refuse to post critical comments, and even ban those who attempt to post "corrections," ie, the thue facts. I say true facts, as there are those who will claim that "the truth" is a matter of opinion.

Info has now surfaced to show that the Tunisia Revolution had help from Gene Sharpe's "manual for a revolution," and this was translated and passed on to Egypt. Folks in Egypt claimed they were influenced by the Serbian revolution, that was also thanks to Gene Sharpe. This is the same manual that was used in the bloody violent riots in Lhasa in March 2008, one had an introduction by the Da Lie Lama!

Since this info is now widely available in the media, one wonders why any would censor it? Or is it the fact that these "peaceful revolutions" are quite bloody? And in the case of Lhasa and Urumchi, violent?

While I do believe that all people who want to be free should be free, I do not believe that inciting ethnic, religious or racial tension is the way to establish a democracy. If it is not true, that our government is continuing to destablize China, covertly supporting "the Free Tibet Movement," and inciting the Uighur violence, including supporting training camps in Af-Pak that train Uighur terrorists,(sepratists), then it should be possible to state it is not true. there would be evidence that these programs were ended, not just diverted to another program with a different name.

I see no reason why the NED(CIA) or other arms of our Government would ban those who post the truth, unless of course, this is an active covert opperation, complete with domestic propaganda and black ops. (which Sen Kennedy's staff confirmed to me, when the responded to my inquiry, several years ago.

If Obama has since ended this covert ops against China, why doesn't he issue a statement saying so? Instead, he has made it very clear to China, that they are next on the agenda.

And who is going to feed the 1.5 billion then?


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  1. I still want to know why Arianna permits her site to spew government propaganda?

    I have identified a pattern of abuse, that if one trys to post true facts on Huff Post, to refute US policies, like the ones that got us into Iraq, and are now being "lamented" by "head" officials who bewail they were lied to,(how can you be lied to, unless you censor those who would spill the beans?).

    Arianna allpow Chu, and the Students for a Free tibet to post warmongering garbage filled with a few facts, comingled with lies, outright lies, black lies, all of it proragandising the American public, yet allows the mods to either refuse to post proven true facts refuting the spew, or banns those of us who persis in sharing true facts.

    My son told me that my problem was I didn't recognise that on arianna's site, true facts can be seen as "conspiracy theories," if the true facts dioffer from official government propaganda.