Friday, February 1, 2013

US Embassy Attacked in Ankara, Turkey

Well known journalist,Didem Tuncay, who was on her way to the Embassy to apply for a visa, was injured and rushed to the hospital. The US Embassy guard and the suicide bomber, Ecevit Şanlı ,  were dead at the scene.

Power Outage Prior To Blast

Daily Vatan reporter Kıvanç El claimed in a televised interview that the police suspected that the assault was a suicide bomb attack and that there were body parts strewn around the site.

El said the blast occured at the embassy building’s second entrance.

Security cameras not recording

Security cameras were not recording at the moment of the blast due to a power outage in the area, according to claims.

It is not clear whether or not the embassy building was the only building experiencing the outage, Hürriyet reported on its website.

Officials from the company that is responsible for the the capital's power are reportedly at the scene as well.

Many groups in Turkey oppose US influence in Turkey. Recently, the deployment of Patriot Missles, and Turkey's collusion with 'the west' in attempting to overthrow the secular government in Syria has many concerned.

Minority groups in Turkey eye there own desire for independence. Turkey caught by there own policy of criticizing Israel's treatment of Palestineans, have taken astand against Assad for his treatment of Syrians.

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