Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Asia Pivot In Africa?

Gunboat Democracy To Sweep Across Africa

Ask yourself this...Why does the US provide support to the Islamic rebals fighting against the secular government of Syria, while the US fights against the same rebals in Mali, who are opposing the illigal military coup against Mali's elected democratic government? Double standard? Or is something other than a desire to plant democracy at work here?

Resource Wars in Africa

The Sahel is like a 'wall' between the Northern Part of Africa, and the Sahara, and the sothern green zones.

Tauregs, a nomadic people, have been fighting for resources critical to their survival for years.

But, while the native people contest for water resources, France, the US and China compete for mineral resources, like Gold, Uranium and minerals.

There is nothing new about exploiting the resources of Africa

From Lybia To So Africa, Obama Carries On with AFRICOM

Obama Supplying And Training African Mercenary Forces For Civil Wars Across Africa

Obama Expands US Military Footprint In africa With New Drone Base and Troops In Niger

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