Thursday, January 31, 2013

Golan Heights Occupied

First, let me present a very enlightining piece by PBS.

Remember, now, the Golan Heights, which is discussed here, is Syrian land occupied by Israel, with the exception of 'The Farms,' which are Syrian but belong to Lebanon.

The video, above, shows the great wealth of the Golan Heights to be WATER!!! But, as always, there is more than one point of view when disputes arise.

The Land around Mt Hermon has been disputed from ancient times. The UN has declared the Golan to be occupied by Israel, and the US considers the Golan to belong to Syria.

Mt Hermon lies on the Lebanon/Syria border. Israel occupies the area. Sunni mercinaries, jihadists, those who want to dethron the secular government of Syria and impose Sharia Law on Syria cross over Mt Hermon to terrorize Syrian residents. The Syrian 'civil war' has already spilled over into Lebanon, as well as the Golan Heights.

Published on Sep 24, 2012 HASBAYA, Lebanon: Some 100 Lebanese Islamists opposed to the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad held a protest Monday to denounce the arrest of five Syrians by the Lebanese security forces.

The Syrians were arrested on Sunday, after they crossed into Lebanon via Mount Hermon on the border between Lebanon and Syria, a security official told AFP.

They are currently detained at a police station in Rashaya al-Fokhar in the southeast Lebanese region of Hasbaya, and the authorities are preparing to repatriate them to war-torn Syria, the official said. "We will not allow them to be deported, they are refugees and we want the authorities to set them free so we can give them refuge," a supporter of Sunni Islamist group, Jamaa Islamiyya, told AFP, as he protested at the entrance to the police station.

Assad's regime has frequently accused Lebanon of allowing "terrorists" to cross illegally into Syria via the small Mediterranean country's northern and eastern borders. Lebanon and Syria share a border measuring some 290 kilometers and in many areas, the frontier has not been demarcated.

 Since the start of the anti-regime uprising in Syria there have been frequent cross-border shootings and shelling into Lebanon, according to Lebanese security officials. Lebanon has twice officially protested territorial violations committed by Syria, which for 30 years ruled Lebanon politically and militarily.

On Saturday, the Lebanese army said Free Syrian Army rebels attacked one of its posts near a village sympathetic to the anti-Assad revolt, causing no casualties.

Lebanon is politically divided over the Syrian revolt, with pro-Damascus Shiite movement Hezbollah and its allies still supporting Assad, and the pro-Western March 14 movement sympathetic to the opposition. The U.N. has registered more than 66,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon


has protested Israel's attack to the UN.

Iran claims that Israel trains and arms terrorists gangs, to cross from occupied Golan Heights into Syria

Meanwhile, the people living in Occupied Golan Heights are torn by history and generation.

List of  Israel's complete destruction of Syrian presence in the Golan Heights, including 2 towns, 163 villages, and 108 farms.

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