Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Was Rick Sanchez Fired?

Rick Sanchez Fired by CNN! Why??

Last week CNN fired Sanchez, after firing his mentor, and 24 hours after making controvercial comments about Jon Stewart and raising the issue of who dominates MSM in America, and specifically at CNN. This week shows that the Rick Sanchez story has legs. Nothing, not even Stewart's ridicule of Sanchez has made this story go away, not even the apology, extorted from Sanchez, by Stewart. Why? Were the stories Sanchez did re the Israel/Palestine conflict, where he gave voice to the Palistinean narritive, the real reason why Sanchez has been a target of Jon Stewart and those who would limit what news Americans get to see?

The real problem here is the MSM has refused to report fairly, and without bias, the truth about what is happening in the Mid East. Here is an earlier post on this topic.

Why does the MSM slant the news on this issue? Was Sanchez fired because he is right?

Do American's care that their news is slanted, buased and inaccurate?

If we did care, what could we do about it?


Don't buy the lie. For example, when Obama called Ahmadinejad's UN speech hateful and offensive, did you believe Obama?

Or did you read a good translation of the spech, and make your own decision?

Demand the American MSM serve We the people, and not the interests on the Military Industrail Complex. What about the people's right to know? isn't that essential in a democracy?

Please folks, don't swallow what the MSM feeds you whole. It is high time we chew the media dis information over well, vet it ourselves, and digest it, before we become completely brainwashed and end up in WWIII, which will devestate most of the world, but make a tiny few ubber rich. We are a democracy, let's act like one.

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