Monday, December 20, 2010

Jullian Assange and WikiLeaks and We The People's Right To Know

Here is a good look into who and how wikiLeaks has been able to bring us a peek into the Shadow Government's workings. This report is interesting, considering it started long before the release of the US Embassy cables, called Cablegate.

One comment I wish to make is that Wikileaks is only revealing these cables. The acuracy of hearsay, or dis information within the cables are the responsibility of those who wrote the cables.

The second comment is that the US does have someone in Charge of the State Department, who should have made sure the cables were properly classified, and redacyed. They failed to do that. President Obama appointed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and she had the responsibility over policies at State department. NOT Jullian Assange, NOT WikiLeaks, and NOT Bradley Manning.

Doesn't the government have a right to have secrets/ My answer is yes, we all have a right to have secrets. private individuals, like you and me can keep secrets, but not plans to rob a bank. The Bank has a right to keep secrets, but not plans to implement a Ponzi scheme to defraud investors. The Federal Government has a right to keep secrets, but not is taxpayers money was raised to acomplish one thins, but was spent on a completely different activity. The Government does not have a right to break laws "In Our Name" and lie to us about it.

Does WikiLeaks, or any publisher, like the NYT and the Guardian have a right to publish this info? Yes, in the US the 1st amendment clearly states that Congress shall make no laws abridging free speech, free press and the right to assemble. I do believe that is clear enough. The question is, can the Shadow Government, or the President, by fiat or Order, make such laws to abridge Free speech and a free press?

Stau tuned, more to come...

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    Amazing how things have changed since The Pentagon Papers days of yore.