Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palestinians Taken Hostage!!

Jan 8, 2009. Chestnut Hill, MA. In a rally to show people how to lobby for Israel, Nadav Tamir, Israeli consulate general to New England claimed Israel was fighting to liberate Palestinians from a terrorist group who had taken the people of Gaza hostage. Although the Boston Globe did mention the other Jews who protested at the Consulate in downtown Boston, the Globe, which is owned by the New York Times chose to run with the Israeli narrative.

The Metro showed this photo of the protest at the Israeli consulate in Boston on Jan, 8 2009. They, and several sources reported that 4 demonstrators were arrested for refusing to leave. Judith Glaubman, of Cambridge, a Jew, was the spoksperson, and stated their solidarity for the Palestinians who had elected Hamas in fair elections.

I offer these two photos and two stories to show the bias that is inherrent in the media as it tries to cover the Palestine/Israel conflict. One might wonder, how a paper of the status of the Boston Globe can allow itself to be a mirror for the israeli lobby. But then thay are not aware of the bias in the MSM as a whole. here is a blog post by Phillip Weiss, a Jew, describing how Jews dominate the MSM, and how he believes that MSM may not be able to fairly cover a story like the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

At issue here is a Free Press vs The People's Right to Know. In my opinion the American Public is poorly served by having over 90% of the MSM dominated by Jews, who, even if they do not support Zionist israel, are sympathetic, and do not want to write a story that would betray Israel.

I am also concerned that if a non Jew were to assert that jews dominate the media, and might be biased when reporting on this conflict thay might be accused of anti Semitism. But, many Jews also recieve pressure from the Zionists in the form of having their careers ruined unless they tow the line, and repeat the israeli narrative.

The losers are first the people, and democracy, because how can we exercice our rights when we are being misinformed, and then Israel is also a loser, as they do not get good feedback, then there are the babies and children being sacrificed on the alter of Zionist zeal and paranoia, that somehow the whole world is against them because they are Jews. For some reason they cannot tell the difference between their policies and there faith.

Well, I believe that we in the good ol' USA must not allow our MSM to be dominated by one ideology, especially when those who would try to report fairly are threatened. How can we make sure that we have more diversity in the media?

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