Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Armies Of The Easily Offended

Lets start out with offensive words in America...

Intent to offend vs straightforward opinion...

Quid huic sacri umquam fore aut quid religiosi fuisse putatis qui nunc tanto scelere se obstrictum esse non sentiat, qui in iudicium veniat ubi ne precari quidem Iovem Optimum Maximum atque ab eo auxilium petere more omnium possit? Do you think anything will ever be sacred to this man or anything was taboo, who now feels he is not barred from such wickedness, who comes to court where he cannot even pray to Jupiter Optimus Maximus and ask him for aid by everyone’s custom? —Cic. Ver. 4.71 MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ho! Ho! Ho! When feeling offended becomes institutionalized, countries go to war.

The antidote to feeling offended is to feel good about one'self. So, get HAPPY!

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