Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uighurs Are Caucasian?

Many Americans are surprised to find out that Uighurs in China are caucasian, not Asian. Most are Muslim, and China is the only country in the world that has preserved and protected their culture, traditions and language. A ethnic Turkish group, China provides for education in reading and writing Arabic script. In Turkey and other countries where Turkish groups live, they either speak and write a Russian or Latin language.

Uighurs migrated to China some 1000 years after Han Chinese. Claims by some human rights groups that Xinjiang is East Turkistan, the homeland belonging to Uighurs, and that Chinese are the invaders are unfounded. before arriving in Xinjiang, in the 8oos, Uighurs lived in Mongolia and Uzbeckistan.

There are Christian Churches, Buddhist Temples and Muslim Mosques in Xinjiang.

China has 56 "nationalities. Han make up 40% of the population of Xinjiang, with "minorities making up the other 6o% there are other ethnic groups that are Muslim, including Hui, Asian Muslims. There are many different native languages spoken in Xinjiang, not only Turkish. The common language is "Mandarin." this enables the widely diverse population to communicate with one another.

China has strong laws that give equal rights to women. No religious or traditional practice may deny women their equal rights in China.

China also has a right to work law.

There are 37 million Muslims in China, that is more than the total population of Iraq. Most Muslims are not Uighurs.

There are some seperatist groups that try to stir up support for their political cause, but not all Uighurs agree with the seperatists, and other minorities do not want to live under Uighur rule, they want to live in China. China has worked diligently to listen to the many voices, their hopes and dreams, and has brought improvements in education, medicine and economics to all nationalties in Urumchi. china, and the people living in Xinjiang are dedicated to continue to improve the lives of all nationalities.

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